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Catalog >Theraputic Health Equipment>EMF Protection

Vastu Prosperity Coin
Attract prosperity, protect from EMFs, strengthen your biofield and overall health
Your Price:
  $ 189.95
Unit Weight:
  .999 fine silver coin layered with 18k gold
  Premier Research Labs (PRL)
Product Code:

@ $189.95 = $189.95

Vastu Prosperity Coin - from Premier Research Labs (PRL)

This coin is recommended to be worn daily in a pocket or you may thread a chain through its central oval to wear it as a pendant. This coin is designed to enhance your biofield for superior energetics as well as to reinforce a beneficial prosperity consciousness.

It strengthens every cell in your body to maintain their crystalline matrix so that their coherence is not disrupted even in the presence of strong electrical-magnetic frequencies (EMFs) such as from cell phones, wi-fi networks, cell towers, computers, appliances, smart meters, etc.

We consider this a high priority!

 This beautiful, precious metal coin has been specifically Vastu-designed in relationship to its dimensions, precious metals and imprinted design. This coin is made of .999 solid fine silver and then layered with 18k gold. It contains an internal oval to promote the best Vastu design energetics. It features these imprinted words on its surface: Prosperity, Health, Success.

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